Just an average teenage girl who is overly obsessed with fictional things. I am a fanatic of all things Disney and enjoy anime. I like to pretend reality doesn't exist.
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do you ever see someone loving on ur fav character and ur like

u have good taste but

they’re mine

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Reblog if you love My Little Pony.

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A collection of Rei yelling over things. Taken from the first two drama cds, FrFr! specials, S1, and up to ep3 of S2.  ☆~(ゝڡ ∂)

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A demon’s nights are long. He must keep a sharp watch to prevent anyone from breaking his delicate prey. He does his utmost to ensure that he’ll receive a soul brimming with despair upon the completion of his master’s foolish wish.

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Sure Was! :)


Sure Was! :)